It’s raining Sudan

I just received a pre-publication copy of a book on the Sudan — the sixth in three months. Fortunately only two are of the intrepid-white-man (it is always a man) making-a-difference-in-the-heart-of-darkness variety. The other four are more serious.

A quick tip for budding authors: if you are working on a Sudan book, maybe you should reevaluate your market and competition right now.

3 thoughts on “It’s raining Sudan

  1. But Chris,
    Why “the” Sudan? Can’t we drop this vestige the way we’ve managed to dispense with The Transjordan, The Ukraine, etc.?

  2. Is it Six Months in Sudan? Despite the intrepid-white-man premise it actually looks rather good, particularly as it’s about Abyei not Darfur.
    And according to the Sudanese government, it is “the” Sudan. My visa says “The Republic of The Sudan”