The week’s news

1. 2008 was the most violent year on record for aid workers, with 260 attacked and 122 killed. Good thing the US military is increasing its role in delivering humanitarian aid. How could that go wrong?

2. Researchers in Cote d’Ivoire have documented female chimps exchanging sex for meat. The researchers spotted no chimp brothels; the exchange (and relationship) is usually a long term affair. Am I the only one who wonders if it’s significant that these chimps are French?

3. Finally, the Best Press Release Title of the Week goes to the Sierra Leone government, who released the gem, “We Meant No Harm to Womanhood and Reaffirm That Alleged Rape Is a Mere Fabrication“. Apparently it was impossible for the army to commit rape in wartime because it’s harder to get an erection. A better title, suggested by Wronging Rights: “Penises are afraid of loud noises.”