A couple of blog changes

One future, one present.

Future: I am looking to move to a new platform. Anyone aware of a person or firm who can help with simple web design and set up of a web page / blog / research and data archive? Simple and inexpensive are key. Please e-mail me if so.

Present: I’ve been getting a growing amount of comments spam and (more unfortunate) the occasional uncivil comment. Rather than censor (which I don’t have the time or stomach to do) I’m going to experiment with non-anonymous comments for a little while. Anyone with a Google, Yahoo, AOL, WordPress or other online account is already set (see here or here for details). You can also get an OpenID if none of these describe you.

2 thoughts on “A couple of blog changes

  1. I appreciate you making an effort to keep the tone of discussion civil Chris. I’m an avid reader, and sometimes commenter on a number of blogs (and a minor blogger) myself. I’ve stopped frequenting a couple of my favorite blogs because comments were getting nastier and occasionally personal. I