Barack the Barbarian

Move over Conan and Batman, the Obama comic books have arrived.

To date, the President has guest-starred with the Savage Dragon, Spider-Man, and the Youngblood team. He’s also been the subject of a biographical comic by IDW which will continue later this year.

And now, Chicago-based Devil’s Due has announced two more Obama-based comic projects shipping this June, Drafted 100 Days, Barack, The Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli. The first folds Obama into Devil’s Due’s alternate reality world where the earth has united to fight off an alien invasion, while the latter is an ongoing satire series, written by Larry Hama.

And this is just too funny to be true:

Hat tip to Meaningfulness.

5 thoughts on “Barack the Barbarian

  1. I didn’t know that black people killing folks with an axe was a stereotype. Also, many comic books are mind-bogglingly tack, objectifying, retrograde, etc…. That’s what makes them so facinating. There is no way that some people out there don’t think Sarah Palin is sexy and maybe a little creepy. Get a grip folks…

  2. i think it’s a tad iffy to post these images without more comment. the creepily sexualized sarah palin, for example, is more than just “too funny to be true.” it’s a little bit funny, and it’s “true” in the sense that somebody made it, it bounced around the internet, and you posted it. but also (maybe more importantly?) it’s mind-bogglingly tacky, objectifying, retrograde, etc.

  3. Does the first cover seem racist to anyone or is it just me? Aren’t they playing with all the stereotypes attached to the African American community?

  4. Hilarious! Loved it. I can’t wait for Hollywood to start making those movies with the afro-american president. :)