Links I liked

1. India introduces world’s cheapest car

2. Restless and charitable? What to do instead of starting an NGO

3. Global networking and computing power ascend to… monitoring the US-Mexico border?

4. Japanese man survived not one but TWO atom bombs

5. And, fulfilling all Canadian stereotypes, a moose hangs out in my aunt’s front yard:

I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation why this moose has no antlers. My inner woodsman fails me, perhaps because I’ve been out of the country for nine years. (Or, possibly, because I grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa, where a small rabbit is cause for fear and excitement.)

6 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. Being from the Ottawa valley, and not Ottawa proper, I can tell you that moose and deer shed their antlers annually. I have no idea why that one was on your lawn.

  2. I love how the two people on the left seem to be avoiding eye contact with the moose.

  3. Ah, Canadian wildlife. I miss it. But then again I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto.

  4. Chris,
    I’d like to have your comments on Tata Nano. What are economists saying on the topic? Any tentative environmental economics analysis around?


  5. This is a baby moose . . . so no antlers (I knew that Natural History course I took back in university would come in handy one day . . . they probably don’t offer this course at Yale).