I have $1,000,000 I want to send to your bank account…

Boing Boing reports a refreshingly honest IM session between a 419 scammer and his mark:

Mr Robert Dutu: Am Robert Dutu. I have very important business proposition
for your consideration. Can we chat on it?

Mike Nash: Let me guess? You have millions of dollars you want to give me.
But I won’t get it. Instead, you will rip me off with advanced fee fraud.

MRD: You are right.

MN: Well, appreciate the honest.

MRD: You are welcome. Pleasure chatting with you.

MN: Good luck in finding an idiot.

MRD: Thanks man

4 thoughts on “I have $1,000,000 I want to send to your bank account…

  1. I recently got a spam email in the same vein, with the sender being ‘UN Governments’. The millions of dollars were coming from UNDP.
    You have to acknowledge those people’s creativity sometimes.

  2. I have someone posing as me, scheduling hundreds of MASSAGES with massage therapists across the US. He then OVERPAYS them and asks them to send money to his “travel agent” or “interior decorator.”

    Money laundering through massage therapists… Now THAT is creativity.