You know your RA is having a good time when…

My invaluable right hand man in Liberia points me to a Facebook list of “ways you know you work in Liberia.” The very best follow:

all billboards are about conflict resolution, diarrhoea, malaria, violence against women and the use of condoms

potato greens, not potatoes, have become a staple in your diet; and you can tell the difference from cassava leaves and three other types of edible leaves

you commonly refer to squirrel, monkey, boar, or any other living creature as “bush meat”; “very sweet!!!”

your address sounds something like “in front of IRC”, “on top of the hill after UNDP”, or “18th street, third right, second compound on your left, with the white gate”

you call your male friends “ma man” and your female friends “sista”, snap their fingers when shaking their hand, ask them “How da body?”, and they answer “Thank God”

you can get Belgian beer in the middle of the bush, but hardly any vegetables

you leave your wallet on the dresser for 3 days and it starts growing hairy white mold. I dont have a wallet anymore.

you’ve seen an airport baggage carousel that’s only 3 meters long.

you personally know a notorious war criminal, and he/she’s a really nice person.

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