Will going to law school satisfy your West Wing fantasy?

If you are wondering whether to get a PhD or a Masters degree, or be an evaluator, this blog has some advice for you. When it comes to law school… not so much.

I defer, therefore, to Amanda:

When I ask them why they would got to law school if they certainly-or-probably do not want to practice law, they always give the same response: “Well, it’s such a great, all-purpose professional degree.”

Memo to all of the people out there who might be thinking the same thing: do not go to law school. Seriously. I know that you have heard that a J.D. is a “great all-purpose degree,” but it isn’t. That’s a lie put about by parents who are trying to trick you into middle-class professionaldom and law schools who are trying to take your money. A J.D. is not an all-purpose degree, it is a law degree. It does not qualify you to become a diplomat, a “senior policy advisor” to anything, a politician, a banker, an aid worker, a political operative, or any of those other jobs that seem like they might be a fun way to satisfy your West Wing fantasies. It qualifies you to be a lawyer, and it doesn’t really even do that -there’s still the pesky matter of the bar exam.

…There may be J.D.s in every walk of life in this country, but lawyers’ dirty secret is that their proliferation is due less to that degree’s versatility than it is to the fact that thousands of lawyers flee the profession every year.

You need to help me out here and go read the full post. Why? Last month they wrote to thank me for a link to their blog:

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