The latest in anti-baby theft devices

Tuesday morning I received a second niece, Jaime Ella. My brother sent many adorable photos, among which just one was alarming. Literally.

If you’re thinking, “hey, that looks exactly like one of those doohickeys they put on Banana Republic shirts,” you would be right. Ottawa Civic General Hospital now attaches GPS locators and alarm devices to all its newborn arrivals. It flashes every three seconds, and sets off alarms if the baby leaves the ward (or if the device is severed).

You know–just in case you’re worried someone is going to run off with your newborn.

Is there some Great Canadian baby theft epidemic of which I’m not aware? This is Canada, people. We don’t even lock our doors (or so Michael Moore tells me).

I assume that stealing a baby does not spray yellow paint all over you, but that could be in the works.