Will Zimbabwe start to look more like South Africa, or will South Africa go the way of Zimbabwe?

Writing in the WSJ, R.W. Johnson is worried about judicial meddling by the ruling ANC. But that’s the least of it:

Another is the greatly enhanced role of “war vets” — veterans of the ANC’s armed struggle against apartheid. Worryingly, as in Zimbabwe, many of those who dress up in army fatigues and carry out war dances and marches are actually far too young to have served in the armed struggle, which ended 18 years ago.

This raises the specter that we may be seeing the creation of a group of party “storm troopers” to be used as bullies and enforcers, on the Mugabe model. Moreover, particularly among the hypermilitant ANC Youth League, there is a great deal of violent language, with promises to “die for Zuma” and even “shoot to kill for Zuma.”

Fear mongering or farsightedness? Personally, I don’t like the anti-democratic rumbling and the sense of entitlement coming from ANC spokespeople these past weeks.

The full article is here.