The only person in the world who wants to be endorsed by George W Bush

Todd Moss alerts us to the memoirs of Zimbabwe’s central banker, where the stretching of truth is exceeded only by the nation’s 231,000,000% inflation.

Gideon Gono, certainly the worst central banker in the world, not only crows about his adept handling of the economy, but adds:

Just as I was being dragged to the UN Security Council to be put on the sanctions list, I was offered a job by the World Bank as senior vice president,” Dr. Gono told guests who attended the official launch of the book. “This was with the full blessings of none other than George W. Bush himself and the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.” In response to the offer, Dr. Gono said he wrote a letter to the World Bank, asking how the bank, controlled by the U.S. and its European allies, would offer him a job when he was on its targeted sanctions list. Dr Gono said the WB promised it would remove him from the list and “see what to do with his friends already on the sanctions list.

Indeed. And Obama wants Mugabe as his new secretary for Health and Human Services.

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