The Obama effect

The election is the ultimate icebreaker in the remotest of villages, buying us easy entry into conversation with big men and bystanders alike.

We passed a taxi on the road with a hand-painted windshield: “Obama will change the world.”

And the 400 ex-combatants at the reintegration center we work with? They stayed up the whole night watching the election on DSTV and sport Obama hats and t-shirts.

My favorite experience so far: the nation’s leading imam gripping my hand, looking me in the eye: “Thank you for electing Barack Obama.”

One thought on “The Obama effect

  1. Same here. I’m in Indonesia and since the election pretty much all my interactions follow the same pattern:

    “Where are you from?”

    Followed by a shared meaningful look or a smile. It happened about 50% of the time before the election but almost 100% of the time now, with people of every socioeconomic class and all across the country.

    It’s kind of amazing.