Does this mean there is justice in the world?

From the Guardian:

The American author of a bestselling critical biography of Barack Obama containing the false allegation he was raised a Muslim has been detained in Kenya.

Jerome Corsi, who wrote The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, is being held at immigration headquarters in Nairobi while his immigration status is checked.

Police picked Corsi up from his hotel today because he did not have the temporary work permit needed to conduct business in Kenya, according to Carlos Maluta, a senior immigration official. “We still haven’t decided what to do with him,” he said.

Obama is a popular figure in Kenya, where his father was a government economist. Several of his extended family still live there.

In 2004, Corsi was the co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift boat veterans speak out against John Kerry, which was criticised for carrying interviews with people who did not serve in Vietnam with the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate. Many who did said the book’s claims were false.

8 thoughts on “Does this mean there is justice in the world?

  1. To clear up the statement our kind what I meant us old people on disability that are handicapp and yes I’m white which shouldn’t mean anything but you asked on facebook.

  2. I’m on disability with 90% of total joint replacement & with this president everything start running smoother for our kind. I don’t have any outstanding medical bills due to this president. I’m 60 & it was the first time I ever voted for a president. I made the best choice for me.

  3. Interestingly enough a very similar argument was used when the Human Rights Watch director was recently expelled from Venezuela, after giving a press conference in Caracas on the state of human rights in that country. He had to be expelled because he didn’t have the correspondent work permit.

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  4. I’ve never been to Kenya, but from my understanding if the police have started checking temporary work permits half the ex-pats there would have to be deported, largely because of the ridiculous wait time. I know for a fact that friends of mine who worked in Kenya at an NGO just got a tourist visa and kept mum about their status.

    sucks to be this guy though.