All bow to the integrity of the queue

I noticed that this sign was on each of the BRT buses.

NO Hawking
NO Preaching
NO Advertising

If you ever had any experience with “Molues”, you’d remember the hilarious craziness that accompanies each ride.

Someone would stand up and start with the sentence “Praise the LORD!” and then go on to regale the captivated passengers with jokes, then try to sell something and probably end with a song of praise in which people would join in.

That’s Nigerian blogger Tobena on his Lagos commute, wonderfully described. I became euphoric over the spontaneous citizen enforcements of the queue. In Lagos!

I have a thing about queues. One of my proudest moments is bringing order to Dubai airport (and its mess of disorderly line-jumpers) with a single hollered social sanction.

Yes, I’m aware that is possibly a sign of insanity.

Via Mootbox.