Links I liked

1. Is the liberal evangelical vote overhyped? Rick Warren says yes.

2. A difficult choice between helping the poor and a 16th BMW

3. How many companies launch a satellite and a new browser in the same week? And maintain an Africa blog?

4. What makes a good blog?

5. Could this be one of the greatest inventions of the year?

6. Actually, if my mother has anything to say, this may be even better. I now know what this development economist is getting for Christmas.

For more than one link above, hat tip to the ever-reliable MoLT.

One thought on “Links I liked

  1. i read the swaziland article, and while the topic was interesting, i found the tone bizarre and somewhat infantilizing of the citizens. could you start a news article on denmark, say, with the phrase “once upon a time”?