Links I liked

1. Zimbabweans air their points of view on the BBC:

Mugabe has a history of swallowing political parties” writes one

Quiet diplomacy worked” says another

2. Your rights to content on Facebook (or lack thereof)

3. Kurt Vonnegut on writing better

4. Tyler Cowen, futurist

5. The ICC’s “incoherent rhetoric on the world stage

6. Obama’s guestbook entry at Yad Vashem

7. And some parting deep thoughts:

This template for discussing religion and faith is fundamentally flawed. It presumes that different groups of faithful people approach their religions in the same way football fans approach their favorite teams: I cheer passionately for mine, you cheer passionately for yours, and we all agree to play by the rules and exhibit good sportsmanship.

For people of faith, religion isn’t like that. A person of Muslim faith and a person of Christian faith engaged in honest conversation about religion are not like two fans pulling for their respective teams. They are more like two men in love with the same woman, each trying to express, safeguard and be faithful to his relationship with his beloved. Love brings with it complexities that football does not.

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