Thank you for calling the Embassy of Zimbabwe

Here is a hilarious radio segment from a South African morning radio program, involving the answering service at the Embassy of Zimbabwe:

Hat tip to Ethan Zuckerman, who offers some interesting additional commentary.

In real life, the situation in Zimbawe is less than hilarious. The election commission will recount votes in 23 constituencies, most of which were won by MDC and helped to hand them control of Parliament.

Also, it seems that Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has been accused of treason for promoting “regime change.” In the words of FP blog’s Well, duh.”

2 thoughts on “Thank you for calling the Embassy of Zimbabwe

  1. By clicking on your blog, did I just automatically vote for Mugabi?

    Thank you for your vote!

  2. Ah no, by clicking on his blog you only voted for this British organ-grinder monkey Tsvangarai.