In Britain?

Posting will be light the next two weeks, since I’m going on vacation.

From February 9th to 14th, however, I’ll be in and around London giving some talks. Most will be open to the public, so feel free to attend.

Rough times and dates are below, and I should have finer details closer to the day.

Feb 11: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, noon-ish.

Feb 12: London School of Economics, Development Studies, 11:30-1.

Feb 12: Cambridge University Center for African Studies, 5pm.

Feb 14: Department for International Development, unscheduled so far.

All but the DFID presentations should be open to the public, and all but the DFID presentations will be a discussion of my paper From Violence to Voting.

The DFID discussions will be on the future of impact evaluation.

3 thoughts on “In Britain?

  1. Chris, have you thought about presenting your paper in Oxford? I don’t know the details of how this kind of thing works but theres a huge amount of development research going on in the Economics Department, the Center for African Studies and the Department of International Development. It would certainly be great to have you.

  2. I don’t know how it works at Oxford specifically, but faculty members typically invite presenters for scheduled seminars.

  3. Chris, I don’t know who “Anonymous” is, but I was going to suggest the same thing. I’ll work it out on this end if you can indicate availability.