You know it’s no longer a war zone…

…when the American high school students show up in busloads.

Busloads and busloads. Ever since the violence subsided there has been a huge influx of foreign youth coming ot “help the children of the north” in a two week stay. This plus the never-ending stream of white NGO Land Rovers. Property prices and rent are now higher than in the capital.

This week alone there was a group of Tennessee revivalists. My favorite, though, were the crochet kids. I understand they came to help former child soldiers knit beanies, tried to form an NGO by forging letters to the government, and were chased out of town. Not sure if it’s true, but it sounds about right. Gulu is truly a circus these days.

Also, just when you think Gulu is already a circus, the clowns arrive. An e-mail from a UN agency:

Dear all, we are happy to announce the arrival of some really special guests these coming weeks. Clowns Without Borders will visit IDP camps and areas of return in Gulu and Amuru districts next week and will continue their itinerary to other districts within the refugee and IDP operations. Please see attached a poster and the itinerary of the caravan. A celebration of laughter indeed!