Where have all the development blogs gone?

If I’m interested in knowing what Hillary ate for breakfast today, or what the Fed is doing about the dollar, I have about 493 blogs that I can visit at any one time. What, however, if I’m interested in a growth strategy for India? The roots of instability in Zimbabwe? The effectiveness of aid in Darfur? The price of tea in China?

I’m familiar with a handful of blogs that talk about the economics and politics of the developing world, notably:

Where do you surf? Please comment or e-mail. I’ll build and share the (hopefully) bigger list.

3 thoughts on “Where have all the development blogs gone?

  1. Acumen Fund Blog
    Innovations for Emerging Markets (IFC)
    Poverty and Growth Blog (World Bank)
    Timbuktu Chronicles

    Of course, these all have good blogrolls.

    Busia, Kenya

  2. My blog focuses on the School of St Jude – a free school for bright kids from the poorest homes in Arusha, Tanzania.


    I also range across poverty and development in Tanzania, MDG and related issues.

    Here’s a handy site for news about agriculture in Africa…


    Do you know Afrigator? The blog aggregator? It’s still growing, and seems increasingly useful.