A post-conflict reintegration event of interest at the United States Institute of Peace, November 15.

Postwar Recovery in Liberia: Perspectives from Liberian Ex-Combatants: CHF International and the National Ex-Combatant Peace Building Initiative, an organization founded and staffed by former combatants, provide a clearer picture of who the ex-combatants are, what challenges they continue to face, and where the peace dividend may be found.


The Liberian DDR process has been, by many accounts, a comedy of errors so far. One senior UN official told my wife that he thought the country was lucky not to explode in violence again over the bungling of the official DDR process. I don’t know if this is true, but I expect the speakers at this event will have something to say. I’ll also be travelling to Liberia with Jeannie (wife and research partner) in January to meet with the Youth Ministry and UN agencies about new youth programs and potential DDR evaluations. Stay tuned for more news and thoughts from the field.

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