Office hours

My office is IAB 819, at 420 W 118th St NY NY 10027 (map).

Columbia grad and undergrad students: To meet during the regular semester, please sign up for office hours online, even if at the last minute.

Outside the regular semester, or if you have a conflict with my office hours, please email me for an appointment in person or by phone, or see me after class.


  • SIgn up for one slot unless you are a dissertation advisee or have previously requested a longer slot. Added slots will be deleted otherwise.
  • Please keep your appointment and avoid canceling last minute, as not using slots crowds out other students
  • Do cancel your appointment if you cannot come, even if at the last minute, so I know whether I can spend more time with the students who did show up
  • Non-Columbia students should email me if they want to meet
  • It’s a good idea to read my advising information or check out my advice posts (to the right) before meeting. I’ve listed general course advice, career pointers, and info on recommendation letters. That way when we meet we can focus on the particular advice for you and not the generic stuff